Price Drop Notification



Keep your customers on board with latest price drop in products and increase your sales exponentially. This module will keep log of logged-in customers interests and send an alert once you decide to decrease their prices.

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Customers may not have time to keep checking the prices of their favourite products so this module takes care of their viewed products and once you decide to make a price drop on a certain product an alert will be sent to user informing them about discount.

You can think of an email alert as a salesman which will try to convince the user to purchase their viewed product. Inspired by on-sale alert an attractive email is sent to user and the content can be modified by store owner from back office. You can also use image as email alert if you want to offer some coupons or deals instead.

Get the Price Drop Notify today to grab your potential customers interest.


  • Easy one click installation.
  • Auto tracking of viewed products for logged-in customers.
  • Ability to allow product subscription if the user is not logged-in OR doesn't have an account.
  • Ability to add title for subscription block on product pages.
  • Email validation restricts users so they cannot put wrong value OR no value at all on manual subscription block.
  • AJAX subscription form for quicker and better performance.
  • Each and every product has its own subscribers count in back office product edit page.
  • Ability to send discount value you decided in email alert which can be fixed discount like 11$, 22€ OR percentage like 25% etc.
  • Ability to upload image banner as email alert which can be animated GIF, Flashing Banner etc.
  • Ability to send heading, sub-heading and message values like Free shipping, Limited time offer, custom message OR coupon code as message etc.