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Let your customers to have a possibility to make an offer to you on any or just selected products but it will be your decision to accept their offer or make a counter offer instead.

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Give your visitors or customers an option to bargain according to their wallet limitation. It is a proven fact that even a small discount leads to more sales and satisfied customers.

PrestaShop make an offer module collects information from user like name, email, amount they are offering and message and sends an automated email to administrator telling them that an offer is made on a product. Administrator has the power to accept user offer which will send them an automated coupon with expiry date OR just make a counter offer higher than user offer in such case user has the option to avail the offer or just ignore it.

Make an offer module can be used as:

  • Bargain Platform
  • Found a better price? tell us

Also you can enable it for specific products rather than all products and put custom messages for the emails sent.


  • Quick form submission due to use of ajax requests.
  • Google Recaptcha ensures spammers cannot overload your server by sending useless offers.
  • Ajax base process also ensures user cannot make offers on same product more than one time.
  • Auto fill is available for logged in users to speedup offer process.
  • Validation javascripts checks all emails and fields filled properly before sending ajax request to server to use less resources.
  • Every time an offer is made an email is sent to Administrator.
  • Emails are also sent to user when their offer is accepted, rejected or counter offer has been made.
  • Custom email messages can be filled to user emails from administrator.
  • Automated coupon is created when offer is accepted or counter offer is issued.
  • Multi-language button title can be added for front-end.
  • Offer expiration date option available.
  • Rejected offers are not deleted and store administrator can accept them in future.
  • Minimum amount option ensures that user must purchase minimum amount to get discount.
  • Accepted offers cannot be rejecteted but coupon can be removed.
  • Administrator can enable all products for offers or just select specific ones.