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PrestaShop Help Desk module helps you manage customer inquiries and complaints through solid email and messaging system.

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Provide your customers a better platform than just a default contact form which doesn't have user friendly messaging system or Google recaptcha to fight spams. Unique key generated for users to access their ticket so no need to login. The help desk system is totally secure and private.

If users are logged in PrestaShop account and they have ever created a ticket than module detects their record with help desk and notify them on help page so all they need is to click a button to get into their help account.

Forget key form which is ajax base makes easier for users who forgot their key or doesn't have account to resent their key to email.

Emails are sent each time an update is made to ticket from front-end or back office so both administrator and users are up to date.


  • 1-Click easy installation
  • Configuration available to allow only certain types of file attachments.
  • Ability to create priorities with color option to highlight.
  • Ability to create departments to manage ticketing system the best way possible.
  • Ability to create statuses so users and administrator know the status of a ticket.
  • Ability for administrator to create tickets from back office and email is also sent to user.
  • SEO friendly URL makes browsing easy.
  • Custom email message for user email.
  • Google Recaptcha to fight spammers.
  • Administrator notification emails to keep store owner updated.
  • Reply status shown for each query.
  • Thread style tree of messaging shown for better understanding.
  • Unique Key generated for each user to ensure security and privacy.
  • User also can check status of their ticket by entering unique key provided to them.
  • User can create ticket without need of logging in or creating account for faster support and user friendly environment.