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  • Great Design

    Each module is designed to meet your requirements and fits perfectly in your store theme.

  • Clean Code

    Each and every module is tested and validated by PrestaShop team to ensure you get the best.

  • Responsive Design

    PrestaToolkit uses latest web standards to ensure module is responsive to any device.

  • Quick Support

    Our support is fast and free of cost, support team always try their best to achieve 100% customer satisfaction.

Our Bestsellers

  • €39.99

    PrestaShop Out of stock notification module ensures that no customer is disappointed due to out of stock status of your product and lets them subscribe for products...

  • €49.99

    Let your customers to have a possibility to make an offer to you on any or just selected products but it will be your decision to accept their offer or make a counter...

  • €29.99

    Let your customers decide the best product by liking it. This module shows heat counter and allows users to like any product which helps you know about customer’s...

  • €29.99

    Now give your users the facility to ask any questions about your products and all questions/answers are displayed as a thread showing complete history.

  • €49.99

    PrestaShop Help Desk module helps you manage customer inquiries and complaints through solid email and messaging system.

  • €29.99

    Keep robots off from your forms by this latest release from Google Labs. Invisible recaptcha blocks bots from submitting useless entries into your forms.